Live Casino

Pornhub Live Casino, the world’ s largest pornographic video sharing website, is moving into the online live casino industry. Mixing two of the world’ s favorite pastimes apparently seemed like a win & win concept, and who are we to argue?
Pornhub Casino launched earlier this week with live female dealers in various stages of undress.

The gaming website offers players and voyeurs the chance to test their luck at roulette, blackjack, and strip poker against the partially clothed, and occasionally completely undressed, female croupiers and dealers, each plucked lovingly from the Costa Rican populace where the operation is based.

PornHub Live Casino

“Our users know a thing or two about having a good time online, so when a casino company approached us with an opportunity to blend gambling with porn, we had to consider it seriously,” Pornhub Vice President Corey Price explained to the Huffington Post. “We decided to take a gamble, pun intended, and go ahead with the idea.”
Speaking of puns, we could have some fun with “vice president,” if we were that kind of people.

Users can interact with the dealers via webchat, offering, we imagine, heartfelt suggestions about the removal of clothing, and if they ask nicely, the Costa Rican ladies might just oblige.

Alarmingly, players can all see one another too, which could possibly get a bit weird.
“We use webcams so everyone can see each other and speak to one another as though you would in a real setting. So yes, people who play will be visible,” explained Price. Make sure the wife is far from her laptop before you log on, we’d advise.